MBS Litigation Group Typically, when a deep-pocket Bank Defendant files a 50 page Motion to Dismiss in Federal Court - a financially over-matched Defendant retreats - and gives in to the pressure.

Such is not the case for the MBS Litigation Group. Indeed, when Bank of America recently filed a "bully-like" Motion to Dismiss against its clients in the Southern District of New York, MBS not only countered by filing a comprehensive Opposition Brief - but also immediately started demanding early litigation settlements for its Mass Tort Plaintiffs.

The MBS strategy is simple -- "not only do we not give in to pressure from the Banks - we turn it around, and apply even more pressure on them to settle cases or face ever increasing litigation costs."

MBS has not only vowed to appeal any adverse decision on the pending Motion - but has also vowed to continue demanding settlements for its homeowner plaintiffs at each and every stage of the litigation. Clearly, if you are a distressed homeowner being pushed around by the Big Banks -- MBS Litigation Group is exactly what you need to turn the tides in your favor.

Stay tuned for more news. 

MBS Litigation Group

MBS Litigation Group


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    June 2013